About Us
Permodalan Kelantan Berhad (PKB) is the pioneer in the Islamic pawn broking industry in Malaysia. Started its operation on  12 March 1992, our mission is to expand the business by providing oppurtunities to external parties who interested in the business of Ar-Rahn through a scheme called "Master Franchise".

Exclusivity Offered For Master Franchise

  • Using of intellectual copyright franchisor
  • Standard Operating Procedure
  • Advisory & Consultation Services
  • Trainning Services
  • Gold expert services

What is Master Franchise

A master franchise is franchising contract in which the master franchisor ( the owner of the brand name) hands over the control of the franchising activities in specified territory to a person or entity called the "Master Franchisee".

The Advantages Of Master Franchise

  • Royalti
  • Quicker growth
  • Knowledge & support from franchisor